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VWF Memorial Brick Walkway:

The Memorial brick walkway, flag pole and Fallen Soldier were installed in 2010with the goal of providing veterans and their families a memorial that honors all who have served their country. The bricks include current service members, veterans and loved ones from all conflicts and wars. The preponderance of the bricks are from the Vietnam era; however, we have families who have installed bricks for all of their ancestors who have served from the Civil War to our current conflicts. Since 2010, the Foundation has installed over 250 bricks from over 200 different families and veteran organizations. The red bricks are for those who have served and survived, the gray bricks are for those killed in action (KIA) or missing in action (MIA). In addition to families visiting the memorial walkway, veterans organizations use the Memorial as a central, focus facility for events such as Memorial Day, July 4th and Veterans Day.

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