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    "The Vietnam War Foundation (VWF) announces an opportunity for friends, Veterans and families to leave a lasting tribute with an engraved memorial brick. All service members and those who have served our country are eligible. The brick can be placed in the newly erected VWF US Flag entry area or kept as a personal memorial."

    The Foundation is dedicated to presenting the Vietnam Era story to schools and the general public through narration and static displays of actual equipment used by the men and women who served in Vietnam. The money from purchased bricks will enable the Foundation to continue to instruct and expand its program.

    Bricks will be available in 2 sizes: 4"x 8" (for $100) and 8"x 8" (for $200). Graphics may be added at an additional cost to reflect branch, awards or a special message.

    The 4"x 8" bricks will contain 3 lines with 20 characters. The 8"x 8" bricks are allowed up to 6 lines (or 4 lines with graphics) with 20 characters per line.

    Red bricks are for all veterans not killed in action or missing in action. Those who died in service will have a dark gray brick with the date of loss and either missing in action (MIA), killed in action (KIA), or date of loss (DOL) added to the third line. Please contact the Curator for more information on special graphics and prices.


    Red Brick
    Line 1: Name
    Line 2: Rank and Branch:
    Line 3: Dates of Service:
    John Smith
    SP4 US Army

    Gray Brick
    Line 1: Name
    Line 2: Rank and Branch:
    Line 3: Date/Type of Loss:
    John Smith
    CPT US Army
    12 AUG 1967 MIA

    Download the attached 4"x 8" or 8"x 8" order form and either mail it to the address indicated at the bottom of the form or bring it to the Foundation. Order as many bricks as you wish. Your contribution goes toward a very worthy cause and all who visit the Foundation will know of your generosity.



    For further information call: (434) 985-8408.

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