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The Vietnam War Foundation (VWF) is a non-profit, public educational foundation filed under 501(c)(3) of the IRS. The Foundation is dedicated to presenting the Vietnam Era story to schools and the general public through narration and static displays of actual equipment used by the men and women who served in VN during the 10 years of conflict.

This mission is accomplished through the acquisition, restoration and maintenance of historic vehicles (trucks, aircraft, jeeps, APCs, etc.), VN era memorabilia, “VC” artifacts, weapons, and civilian and “peace” symbols of the Vietnam Era. The VWF provides school children and the general public the opportunity to hear its veterans share their stories and see its military legacy.


To secure the long term success of this “unique” organization, the Foundation has:

  • 1. Incorporated as a Non-Profit Domestic Corporation, in 2009.
  • 2. Received IRS approval as a 501 (c)(3) public educational foundation. (Donations of money and equipment are fully deductible under IRS guidelines)
  • 3. Qualified to receive Federal surplus property and supplies through the Federal Surplus Program.

    One of the unique functions of the VWF is to obtain, restore and maintain in near operable condition, examples of historic equipment representing the Vietnam Era. No other known educational foundation is totally dedicated to preserving this unique VN era equipment and memorabilia for future generations of school children and the general public to experience and learn.

    VWF MuseumFollowing acquisition of equipment or memorabilia, the VWF has three primary tasks:

  • 1. Whenever possible, to locate veterans who are experienced with the equipment and to guide the volunteers in its restoration.
  • 2. The restoration of the equipment to its original specifications and ensure display of the equipment is realistic to the time and place of its use.
  • 3. Research the equipments military history and integrate it into the educational presentations.
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